New signs at all Triangle North business parks aim to increase their visibility while new marketing efforts target specific companies in high-potential industry sectors.

Signs installed at each park entrance

New entrance signs are going up at all four Triangle North parks thanks to generous donations from three local utilities – Embarq, Progress Energy and PSNC Energy – and the Franklin County Committee of 100. The signs provide greater visibility for the parks to support the aggressive targeted marketing efforts that are under way.

Triangle North Franklin actively markets shell building

The 33,900-square-foot shell building at Triangle North Franklin is ready for occupancy and is actively being marketed to prospective tenants.

A new fact sheet highlights the building’s 30,000 square feet of light manufacturing or warehouse space and 3,900 square feet of office space in the 252-acre business park. Its proximity to Triangle North Executive Airport, the site’s Tier 1 tax status, and the area’s attractive workforce and economic strength are among the building’s many advantages itemized on the fact sheet.

Triangle North Franklin is ready for installation of a broadband substation and for extension of fiberoptic lines to serve tenants. Work also continues to complete the roadway to connect the site directly to U.S. Highway 401.

Life science direct mail marketing campaign launched

Approximately 300 life sciences companies considered to have a strong potential for expansion to an East Coast market received personal invitations from Triangle North Executive Director Bud Cohoon to consider them for a startup or expansion. The companies were identified in a marketing study conducted by Triangle North and the N.C. Biotechnology Center. They include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that could benefit from locating in close proximity to the Research Triangle Region's world-leading life sciences cluster.

Cohoon’s letter describes Triangle North as a “network of business parks which offer all the ingredients for the Life Science Industry: available labor, available water, and extensive research and training.” Other significant competitive advantages are its Tier 1 designation, the highest level of financial incentives available in North Carolina; taxing authority (the sites cannot be annexed by another unit of government); and close proximity to the Research Triangle’s core.

Also highlighted are the region's extensive workforce training resources, such as N.C. State University’s Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center, the largest specialized hands-on training facility for biomanufacturing and biopharmaceuticals in the United States; N.C. Central University’s Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise (BRITE), offering the newest and most innovative biotechnology educational initiatives in the country as well as a formal biotech degree program; and the launch of Vance-Granville Community College’s biotechnology incubator which will offer flexible training schedules and space, and state-of-the-art laboratories.

Anyone with information on life sciences companies poised for expansion should contact Triangle North Executive Director Bud Cohoon, or (252) 436-6098.

Marketing campaign targets medical device companies

Medical device companies identified as strong candidates for locating to Triangle North business parks have received personal letters from Triangle North Executive Director Bud Cohoon promoting the parks as expansion locations.

The letter highlights the parks' location as a major advantage to medical device companies looking to expand. All are within 50 miles (39 minutes)  of the world-renowned The Research Triangle Park™, RDU International Airport, N.C. Biotechnology Center and schools of medicine at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as other research and training institutions.

Medical device companies here collaborate routinely with the schools of medicine at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill to create new techniques and devices that drive growth and innovation. These opportunities provide "an operational advantage of immeasurable value and unquestionably a key asset for the industry," Cohoon stresses.

A massive and growing labor pool, available water and available utilities and Internet capabilities are also promoted in Cohoon’s letter.

Anyone with information on medical device companies considering expansion should contact Triangle North Executive Director Bud Cohoon, or (252) 436-6098.

Speaking opportunities invited

Triangle North's marketing strategy relies on making personal contact with individuals and organizations that can help connect park developers with companies and startups in need of affordable space to grow their businesses.

Triangle North representatives speak regularly to civic associations, realtor groups, government bodies and others to explain the benefits this tax-advantaged network of business parks offers growing life science, technology, logistics and manufacturing companies. Among them is a $12,500 tax credit for every job a company creates in any of the parks.

Through a unique four-county revenue-sharing arrangement, any tax revenues generated at a park in one county will be shared with the other three. As a result, all of the counties will benefit with jobs and tax revenues when companies locate in any of the parks.

Anyone interested in learning more about Triangle North and scheduling a guest speaker for a group or personal appointment should call Triangle North at (252) 436-6098.

Contact Triangle North to find your ideal site

All Triangle North parks offer the highest level of state financial incentives (Tier 1) available to businesses in the state, providing a low-cost point of entry for companies ready to locate or expand.

Each offers:

  • Close proximity and access to the region's world-leading life sciences and technology clusters.
  • Research-and-development support of three major research universities (Duke University, North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and numerous federal and private labs. 
  • Strong manufacturing environment. 
  • Qualified, motivated workforce with a wide range of education and skills. 
  • Customized workforce training through a top-ranked community college system. 
  • Enviable quality of life.

The parks offer a mix of locations and sizes to meet the needs of businesses of all types — from R&D to manufacturing to logistics and distribution — at any stage of development.

For more information on finding a Triangle North site to expand your growing business, visit, call (252) 436-6098 or e-mail


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