Images and Maps

Triangle North Ring Study.pdf
County Tax Map.pdf
Aerial Photo(s) Showing Site Boundaries.pdf

Letters of Intent and Support

Sponsor's Letter of Intent.pdf
County's Letter of Support.pdf
Municipal Letter of Support (if applicable).pdf
Documentation of Ownership/Control of Site.pdf (30+MB)
Documentation of Sales Price/Conditions of Sale or Lease.pdf (35MB)
Letter of Intent to Bring Site to Minimum Required Access Standards.pdf 

Engineering Studies and Reports

Topographic Survey or Topographic Analysis.pdf
Engineer's Site Development Cost Estimates.pdf
Site Development Plan.pdf
Map Depicting Location of Site in Relation to Water Bodies & 100 Year Flood Elevations.pdf
Engineer's Certification Regarding Filled Areas.pdf
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.pdf
Map and/or Report Depicting Wetlands Approximation Plan & Costs for Mitigation.pdf
Map and/or Report: Rare & Endangered Plant and/or Animal Species.pdf
Map and/or Report Depicting Archeological Findings, Historic Sites or Structures.pdf
Map Indicating Location of Water Bodies on Site w/Estimated Flow of Such Bodies.pdf
Geo-technical Study.pdf
Copy of Present Deed for Property.pdf
Copy of Boundary Survey.pdf

Utility Information

Letter from Power Supplier.pdf
Letter from Natural Gas Provider.pdf
Letter from Water Provider.pdf
Engineer's Cost Estimate/Time Line for Water Service.pdf
Letter from Wastewater Service Provider.pdf
Engineer's Cost Estimate/Time Line for Wastewater Service.pdf


Documentation: Rights of Way, Easements, Judgments.pdf
Documentation: Restrictive Covenants.pdf