Workforce Development

Firms operating out of Triangle North can tap a talent-base that spans career-ready high school graduates to Ph.D.-level scientists.

Research universities like Duke, N.C. State and UNC Chapel Hill provide access to employees, technologies and faculty partners.

Vance-Granville Community College (VGCC) is a great source of trained workers and frequently collaborates with regional industries to ensure its graduates are well-prepared for the kinds of jobs they'll enter upon completion of coursework. Specific examples of these partnerships include BioWork, a first-of-its-kind life science workforce certification.

The region’s K-12 education leaders work with employers in re-shaping curricula around workforce needs, incorporating such programs as early-college high school, “STEM” education and Career Readiness Certificates.

Workforce Statistics

Average Weekly Wage (As of May, 2014)

  Avg. Wage % of NC
North Carolina $860  
Franklin County $711 82.7%
Granville County $763 88.7%
Vance County $630 73.3%
Warren County $595 69.2%

Commuting Patterns

  Commute OUT Commute IN
Franklin County 23,430 5,856
Granville County 15,851 8,961
Vance County 11,364 8,909
Warren County 8,528 1,497

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